Viper: The Barely Legal Issue

Serving as an early spotlight on the potential future of Hip Hop, Viper magazine is where a lot of us look to find unsigned and underground artists in their truest form.

"underground artists in their truest form"

Started by expert and enthusiast, Lily Mercer, this magazine is all about appreciation of Hip Hop culture. It's where everything comes together: from music, to fashion, to street culture. Viper is the answer to a lot of our prayers, it saw the lack of intelligence in the media, and decided to change that.

Just like us here at Number Six, this publication is dedicated to finding what's got some vibrance behind it, things that are about to last us a long time. Viper isn't about who's biggest or the most hyped right now, they're about who's the best at what they do. It's refreshing to not be seeing the same stuff recycled onto each page, and we know we're always going to get high quality material.

The latest issue 'Barely Legal' follows Viper's continuing aim to follow the lifestyle surrounding Hip Hop, so this SS17 edition is all about exploring the hobbies within Hip Hop... And just how illegal some of them are. It also looks at global issues, shining a bit of light on the American prescription drug industry... A hazy, medicated venture, which we salute Viper for exploring. Of course, it wouldn't be right without a bit of fashion: Dutch cult brand Patta are given a sizeable chunk of the attention (deservedly so).

"dedicated to finding what's got a bit of vibrance behind it"

Interesting perspectives come as standard with Viper, it's taking control of the lack of intelligence in mass media, and turning it on its head. Including articles such as 'Behind the Bars' (looking at rappers in prison), and editorials like 'Girl on the Train', there isn't much this publication doesn't cover.

We're not about to give away any more info though, you're gonna have to have a look for yourself. We reckon this one's 100% worth your time, an all-around decent read.


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