Sustainability Journey

Environmental Considerations / Sustainability Journey

Over the past decade, we've focused our operations across both of our stores, in our office, and in our studio with the intention of becoming more eco-friendly. We've taken several steps to become as environmentally considerate as possible, while still providing a seamless service to all of our customers. It doesn't stop at just doing "what we can", we've reinvented the way we do business across every platform to ensure Number Six is running both ethically and sustainably.

From our biodegradable carrier bags, and email-only receipts, to our digital returns forms. We reduce unnecessary paper and plastic consumption at every possible opportunity. And when we do need to use it, it’s either already recycled, or can be recycled after you’re finished with it.

When it came to producing our own line of wardrobe staples, we kept things as low-impact as we could. Our entire range is produced in the UK, using 100% locally sourced materials. We made sure that we chose a manufacturer who holds similar values to ourselves. They employ sustainable practices all across their business, including the production of seamless knits which reduce wool waste by eliminating joining processes and creates a better fitting, more durable garment.

We believe that advocating the British textile industry is paramount. By working with UK-based manufacturers, we're proud to say that Number Six is actively supporting the future of British skills and communities.