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First brought to the fragrance market in 2011, Laboratory Perfumes are carefully crafted and formulated to evolve across the day. It means if you're a hard worker, like us at Number Six, it's one less thing to worry about during the day.

"carefully crafted to evolve across the day"

Founded by Christopher Perry, this brand is all about British scents, landscapes and flora - all blended with a distinct precision. Perry's way is to go against the obvious, and remind us all just how rich the history of the British Isles actually is. It's the way Laboratory Perfumes keep it clean and minimalist, but still manage to hold our attention no problem with each fragrance. Each scent is blended to change and develop over the course of the day; it means the wearer is never bored, and more importantly, you're always going to smell great.

The best way to get to grips with just how brilliant Laboratory Perfumes are, is to come and visit us in store. But if you can't quite manage that, we're going to try and give you the best online impression we can.

"blended with a distinct precision"

The original, and firm favourite of most, is none other than the multilayered classic: Amber. It's arguably one of the most detailed and long-lasting fragrances on the market: starting with a wash of energising greenery, it gradually moves towards a warmer spice, before finishing with woody, earthy notes. Amber's name comes from the use of the high-end ingredient, Ambergris, it's what wraps it all together into one distinctive fragrance. We're big fans of this, in fact if you drop by it's usually the fragrance we've got going on in-store. It's also available in a candle if that's more your vibe, we've got you covered.

The second scent is Gorse, it begins with opening notes of citrus and coconut, this one's crafted with summer in the British countryside in mind. It was inspired by 'a gorse-lined driveway in Provence', hence the underlying tones of cardamom which come across after a few hours' wear. It's the spicy depth of the cardamom that makes Gorse such a fresh, crisp fragrance, ideal for summer.

The third time being a charm is no exception when it comes to Laboratory Perfumes. Bringing Samphire to the collection was another great step in the right direction for these guys. Starting off with a verbena leaf crushed alongside juniper berries, it was then levelled up with citrus oil, lavender, basil and rosemary - a bunch of really complimentary herbs and oils. Samphire is made up of base notes of white amber, oak moss, which means that it's a sufficiently light scent, that manages to last all day. Ingenious!

If you're looking for something a little more exotic and complex, the fourth release from these guys will sort you out. Tonka is a blend of pink peppercorns, peruvian pepper berries and a zing of mandarin - it's incredibly finely balanced which means it gives a really clean, warm, woodland fragrance. The closing notes stem from the vanilla-tobacco aroma of the tonka bean, hence giving it its memorable name.

Finally, we've got the overwhelming crowd favourite, Atlas. It's their fifth and most recent development from the lab, and it started by delving into dozens of different tobacco blends. Using this as the springboard, the team found one a little reminiscent of Morocco and blended it with rum, vanilla and hay. The focus being to intensify that North African feeling, it was only right to add cinnamon, ginger and a crack of black pepper. There's also a whisp of fine Cognac, and it's all of these factors which go into making Atlas the legend that it's made itself today.

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