Monteverde Stationery: you probably need it.

Monteverde is new to Number Six, and we have a feeling they'll be here to stay. With a focus on high-quality pens and pencils, which offer surprising additions. Self-proclaimed to specialise in 'State-Of-The-Art Ink Technologies', we have to agree with them. They do more than just catch the eye too. Offering a pen & pencil in either black or brass. It's one of the most intriguing designs we've seen in a while.Monteverde Pens The company originates from the United States after over 36 years experience in the luxury writing instruments industry. This experience doesn't go unnoticed, the fact they've included a ruler, Phillips & Flathead screwdrivers, eraser, stylus AND spirit level (!) into one pen is almost unbelievable. Monteverde Pens You can see why we've taken to considering it the Swiss Army Knife of stationery. There's not much Monteverde haven't thought of, it's completely purpose built and hard wearing. Forget any image of poor-quality gift shop knockoffs, its sturdy feel is enough to tell you otherwise. Materials are sourced from suppliers throughout Europe to ensure unparalleled quality and performance. Monteverde are arguably giants in the world of fine writing tools, whether you're looking to buy for yourself or an innovative gift, they're probably the answer you didn't know you needed. Monteverde Pens It's pretty easy to see why they've been so successful so far, and why we're welcoming them with open arms here at Number Six. This is all without even mentioning the pencil is refillable and you have a Limited Lifetime Warranty with Monteverde too. These really are a lifetime investment, you'll soon wonder how you ever coped without one.

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