With such a flawless reputation behind them, bringing Soulland back for SS17 was a no-brainer.

Following a hugely successful SS16, we couldn't resist the latest collection. It was released with a bang too - presenting a collection in the streets of Milan takes confidence to pull off. The inescapable good vibes that come naturally to Soulland were obvious: the models even started skating after a while. Soulland As a brand we know them for creating contemporary design pieces that push the minimal Scandinavian aesthetic. Soulland never underestimate street culture, this is so clear in the latest collection. Especially when you know the main inspiration was The Walled City of Kowloon. This city was lead by local triads from the 50s-70s, it was 'an ungoverned, heavily populated city in Hong Kong', and came to a demise in the early 90s. Because of their strong inspiration and aesthetic, Soulland are always consistent in style, and never a let down in quality. For us here at Number Six, the fact they've decided to create more 'essential' pieces this season is spot on. The fabrication is second to none, covering a wide range of textures from a super-soft velour cotton T-Shirt, to a rougher slub jersey T-Shirt. It's easy to see why Soulland receives so much hype, it plays to universal interests for all people. Silas Adler is the main creative inspiration, and growing up for him involved contrasting lifestyles between rural and urban - this explains the home-made origins of Soulland. It also helps us to understand why having a small Ghetto town in China as the inspiration is so perfect. Soulland

Scandinavian, minimalist menswear? Where do we sign up?

If you're fancying shopping Soulland with us, we can't recommend them enough. They embody everything we love; wearable craftsmanship with cracking fabrics to boot. It should be clear to see why Soulland is always a winner for us, but if you're still having trouble getting your head around just how great these Scandinavian designs are, we're open 11-7 every day (12-6 Sundays!) and we'd love to show you the best bits.

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