Will: Always Here To Say Hello

In this week's edition of Always Here To Say Hello, we secured a couple of minutes with the newest addition to the team: Will. As our resident tattoo expert and all-around menswear aficionado, Will's the person to talk to for all things well designed and a little bit off-beat.

The answers...

What do you do?

Will: Sales, e-commerce and photo editing. And being the number one model, of course.

Your house is on fire, what do you save?

Will: Computers, Contax T2 camera, any clothes I can carry.

What are you wearing today?

Will: A Patta jacket, a polar quarter zip, Carhartt pants and a pair of Adidas shoes.

What is your repeat shopping purchase?

Will: You can never go wrong with black trousers & a decent pair of white shoes.

Best sale buy ever?

Will: I don't shop sales that often, but I've got a pair of Carhartt pants I got discounted that have done me well.

The one that got away (clothing of course)?

Will: Had my eye on a Supreme 40oz Tee but decided against it at the last minute. If it comes around again it's definitely top of my list.

Give us an outfit from the Number Six rails?


Rompboy 1960 Handcraft Athletic Shoe (Ivory)
Universal Works Aston Pant (Navy Cord)
Filson Short Sleeve Outfitter Solid One Pocket T-Shirt (Pebble Gray)
Soulland All Over Print All Shirt (White)
Carhartt Madison Jacket (Dark Navy Rinsed)
Filson 24-Hour Tin Briefcase (Navy)

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