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Making Them Like They Used To | Restoring a Filson Bag

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The most generous guarantee on the market, and it’s been part of the Filson deal since the start. Whether you live your life in the great outdoors, or you’re looking for some durable luggage to see you through a lengthy commute, Filson have the answer to it all. Born out of an era that built its reputation on true pioneers with rugged survivalist mindsets, the brand is one of only three remaining business that can be dated back to the Gold Rush Era. The other two are Bartell Drugs and Nordstrom, if you were wondering. To give you some scale, Filson is only 8 years younger than Washington State itself. Born out of a need to stand the test of time, the designs were once a matter of survival, which is why they’re still the most hard-wearing pieces about today.

“Unique goods made in limited quantities”

Here at Number Six, we really believe in durability, reliability, and functionality as core values for anything we do. That’s where the Filson name comes in: in theory, you should never have to throw away a Filson bag. They provide a lifetime guarantee, which mean that they’ll replace or repair any wear and tear, with no questions asked. Specialising in unique goods made in limited quantities, the gradual wearing of the product is seen as a testament to a life that’s been well-travelled. Any repairs or restorations that are done, show the authentic wear in an even better light.


“Distinctive stitching and rare colour combinations”

Any bags that can’t be repaired are taken to the Filson Restoration Department, where a small, yet dedicated, team of experts are tasked with bringing the item back from the dead. It’s a unique approach to upcycling that you can’t find anywhere else on the market. Many of the bags sent in for full restoration are being donated back to Filson, following the full repair and renovation, the bag will then get sold exclusively at the flagship store in Seattle. Some of the techniques used include distinctive stitching and rare colour combinations that have become coveted amongst Filson enthusiasts across the world.


“Real craftsmanship and attention to detail"

Restored Filson bags become collector’s items very quickly, they border on art thanks to the real craftsmanship and attention to detail that’s present in each and every Filson piece. During restoration, unique features are added to the original design that help it regain its durability and make it stand up to the test of time like any other Filson product. With designs rooted deeply in traditional pattern cutting and sewing techniques, these guys are the undeniable experts of true artisanal quality. It’s the reason that ‘Filson Quality’ is a phrase in and of itself, it’s not something to be taken lightly.


“Taking ‘locally made’ to a whole new level”

If you’re about in the area, their flagship Seattle store is worth a visit or two. Why? Stop by and you’ll be able to see their products being handmade by their highly skilled manufacturing team. Employees will be stitching fabric, tooling leather, and sewing pockets on to bags that will later be sold in the very same place. Filson take ‘locally made’ to a whole new level entirely. Despite their super traditional roots, they’re not afraid to move forward. By focusing on their manufacturing as the core of their work, there’s always steps being made to improve and develop the existing set up.


Filson bags are seen as an investment, because they will develop their own character alongside the wearer over time. Filson luggage can hold sentimental value to a lot of people, and it’s no wonder when they’re telling us: “we believe in our products and stand by the quality of workmanship, craftsmanship and materials in each one”

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