Pendleton Wool Shirts have been riding the wave of popularity since they emerged as a huge part of the Californian sun, sand and surf culture. Worn by the Beach Boys on the covers to Surfer Girl and the famous Surfin' USA album, Pendleton shirts firmly cemented themselves as cool and the tide hasn't changed since.       With surfing becoming the worldwide sport it has, Pendleton is still producing goods that look good and fight off the cold of the ocean. It is the laid back cuts and designs of Pendleton that has allowed them to become the favourite of the surf world ,and it is this that makes them the perfect option for any beach dweller or sandy surfer.     Here at Number Six we have two Pendleton towels, the obvious choice from a brand so heavily connected to the oceans. The towels come in a Bandana print recognisable to anyone with a love for Pendleton. The towels are high performing, designed to keep you warm and dry and look good whilst doing it.

Pendleton SS15 accessories available here


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