ala-champ-magazine-number-six-london-1 Ala CHAMP is a bi-annual journal & magazine showcasing the very best in worldwide art, design, photography and style. We at Number Six are proud to welcome the magazine to our roster of publications, starting with CHAMP #9: The Rebel Issue. Within the pages of the latest issue, you can expect main features with the likes of artist Lee Ufan, photographer Jean-Paul Goude and legendary design team M/M Paris. New this edition, Let's Get Lost is the ultimate travel guide to the best destinations in the world, whilst elsewhere in the mag, CHAMP interviews Undercover founder Jun Takahashi & Ambush's Yoon, with a ten page feature on Stones Throw founder Peanut Butter Wolf.
The ninth outing of the Portrait City Series includes DJ Benji B, musicians King Krule and ARCA, LA photographer Atiba Jefferson and artist Shawn Powers, to name just a few.
Grab CHAMP Issue #9 now.
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