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The devil makes work for idle hands apparently. Well, it is a darn good job that none of our hands here have been idle recently. An especially exciting week as far as shipments go with some of the most eagerly awaited deliveries landing and then all of us mucking in to ensure that the products are all up on the pages of for you, our loyal customers enjoyment. A couple of brand new comers as well as a favourite, old familiar face that has been with us since way back in the early days. First up, a big friendly Number Six welcome to Heritage Research who do an absolute magnificent job of combining the past with a modern day fit and design. It is all about the detail (and obviously the history) with Heritage Research and as mentioned in a previous rant, these jackets just get better and better the closer and closer you inspect them. Put one on and we can pretty much guarantee you are going to be parting with some of your hard earned as Heritage Research make no compromise when it comes to producing their honest and integral "Made In England" garments. In fact, we are going to push our necks out and boldly proclaim that we see Heritage Research becoming a very important participant in all of our wardrobes if each collection is anything as good as this gear. Next, hello again to an old friend. Garbstore know a thing or two about becoming important participants in all of our wardrobes as they have been turning out wares like this ever since we were running logistical operations from a spare bedroom in a maisonette in Alexandra Palace. The outerwear has always been well and truly in the "superior" category when it comes to jackets but with this latest version of the Mountain Providence Parka in a grey and midnight they have raised the bar yet higher. Another friendly welcome to Fred Perry who up until a little more then possibly 5 years ago, registered in our heads as a very good and prolific producer of polo shirts that was this great islands consistent and very credible retort to the likes of Polo Ralph Lauren and Lacoste. Well, we had to have a bit of a re-think didn't we because after sneaking a little look at the range whilst visiting a trade show in Berlin, we have to admit we were missing a bit of a trick. Yes, they still do amazing polo shirts but in addition are stand out bits and pieces like this first class melton wool, workers jacket , a toggled shawl neck heavyweight knit and a brilliantly priced lambswool, shawl neck cardi which is just made for Sunday afternoons. Impressed??.....we certainly are. Lastly, although definitely not least, after many travels back and forth involving various tense negotiations with several, very nice but slightly nervous about entering the UK market Danish gentleman, we are proud and very happy to announce a UK exclusive from NN07 . The NN stands for no nationality but we think it is just the designers being humble as this collection is every bit as good as the best brands that have been coming out of Scandinavia in a constant, yet impressive stream over the last 4 - 5 years. Dedicated to creating tomorrows classics NN07 give absolute priority to craftmanship, the perfect fit and the most intricate of details on all of their design masterpieces. Do we like this collection?? Yes. Did we have to go to a lot of bother to get it?? Yes. Do we think you are going to like it?? We wouldn't have made the effort if we didn't think so. Take it from us, NN07 is going to be a big hitter. That should be just about everything for this week but we will be hard at it from now until you next hear from us ensuring that all of the good stuff is live on for you to get involved in. Have a good weekend Au revoir

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