Being named GQ's top 10 menswear items in the world was just one of the many accolades Portuguese Flannel has obtained. As a brand Portuguese Flannel continue to go from strength to strength.The shirts are a way of showing respect and acknowledgement of their ancestors. Starting out in an old factory that had been passed down from generation to generation, the guys at Portuguese Flannel wanted to create something of worth and major importance.  Do you know that old saying "Knowledge is power"? Well, it really comes into mind with these guys, I mean, they have the work of the past generations as a portfolio to help them. Portuguese Flannel Portuguese Flannel is a brand full of rich history. As a duo, the brothers behind the brand are truly proud of where they are from. The success of the brand is an understanding of the importance and quality behind the pieces they create for the modern man. It's a well-known fact that when brands grow their collections get bigger and bigger. As a result we kinda feel like we've been spoilt for choice! That's why we've picked the best of the best. We've got all the classics. We've also thrown in some wild cards just for fun! Now stop reading and have a gander!

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