Carrying on from where we left off with Jan, we've taken our quick fire questions and quizzed Number Six new man Matt. As the latest addition to our team Matt is responsible for the shop floor and customer service. Without further or do here is what Matt had to say to our interrogation.

The answers...

What do you do? Matt: Store Assistant/E-commerce. I'm new to Number Six so I generally help out where needed and learn from the lads. Your house is on fire, what do you save? Matt: Girlfiend/Cat What are you wearing today? Matt: Reebok Classic Workout Plus, Edwin ED55 White Selvage, Carhartt Belt, Nutler Long Sleeve Tee, Wood Wood Coach Jacket, Great Frog Ring, Norse Beanie. What is your repeat shopping purchase? Matt: Plain white or black tees, usually Dickies. Or Vans Old Skool What's your best Sale buy ever? Matt:  Brixton Parka a few years ago, 90% off. Never ended up wearing it but liked the bargain. Tell us the one that got away (clothing of course)? Matt: Nothing comes to mind! I always have my eye on stuff and eventually buy it. Give us an outfit from the Number Six Rails? Matt Outfit Converse CTAS '70 Canvas Hi (Black) Anonymous Ism Socks Dickies 873 Black Oliver Spencer Conduit T-Shirt (Navy & Ecru) Our Legacy Patch Blouson (Grey Cilium Wool)

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