80 Years Of Baracuta.

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A Brief History Of Baracuta Time.

Since 1937, Baracuta has been the jacket supplier for countless icons, actors, cultures and musicians to express their unique styles. Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra, Arnold Palmer and later Jamie T, Damon Albarn & even James Bond have all adorned the iconic 'Harrington'. That's an ambassador list we can certainly get behind! Hailing from Manchester, the Original Baracuta Jacket started life as a golf garment. The tailored fit providing smart styling, and the 'umbrella' back vent supplying increased manoeuvrability. Practicality and looking great working in perfect harmony. As with any truly special garment, it didn't take long for the wider population to want in.

"Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Jamie T, Damon Albarn & James Bond"

Of course, golf alone was not the real catalyst for the exponential growth in popularity of Baracuta. That arguably falls on The King, Mr Elvis Presely himself, first seen wearing the G9 in his 1954 movie, King Creole. (I cannot comment on the production or plot of King Creole. However, I do know Elvis was looking top dollar in his G9). In more recent times, you may be more familiar with musician Jamie T. Most notably caught representing Baracuta whilst picking up his NME award back in '07. There are inevitably no limits to how a Harrington jacket can be worn, and that's the beauty. They are not confined to a certain clique or style, making them the ideal lifetime investment.

Baracut Jackets

So, what actually is all the fuss about?

Just like they have been since 1937, Baracuta are still producing the majority of their products here in the UK. Not only does that provide a more consistent level of quality, but it evokes a feeling of tradition and heritage, giving an untold value to the product that no price tag can match.

"Timeless design, top-tier construction, effortless style"

A short body, raised collar, ribbed waist and of course, the unmistakable Fraser Tartan are all key elements that make up a Baracuta Jacket. For SS17 we've got 2 colourways in the Original G9 Jacket and 2 not so classic 'garment dyed' pieces. However, all of the jackets in our collection possess the same principle qualities - timeless design, top-tier construction and of course, effortless style. Shop Baracuta in-store & online now!

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