J Sheekey Restaurant Front

When it comes to fine dining, or any dining for that matter, we consider ourselves enthusiasts at Number Six HQ. It can be tricky to find a proper, old school, London institution, but you can always count on J Sheekey’s for a bit of bona fide authenticity.

J Sheekey Terrace

"privacy... without being cut off"

J Sheekey’s gives a bit of privacy, without being cut off from the buzz. Whether you’re looking for a booth, secluded table, there will be something ideal for you. The Atlantic Bar is a particular favourite amongst the Number Six team; it’s open, easy going, and you can even chat with the chef while you’re there.

Tables and Booths inside J Sheekey

"attentive staff always on hand"

The atmosphere in this Soho location is second to none. With numerous, attentive staff on hand to ensure you’re always being seen to. It’s heralded as being a part of the West End scene, so there’s no shortage of intriguing individuals and familiar faces hanging around. Even if you’re not the theatre-going type, we’d still highly recommend giving this one a visit at least once in your lifetime. You’ll understand what all the fuss is about very quickly.

J Sheekey restaurant oysters

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