Garbstore layout at Number Six

London based brand Garbstore is a celebration of British, French and Japanese design, created by the one and only Ian Paley, hugely dedicated to seriously well designed menswear. With such vast background in fashion design, across big brands like Paul Smith, Burberry and Levi’s, it's no wonder that he created the huge success that is Garbstore.

Garbstore flatlay collection at Number Six

Taking inspiration from post WW2 style, Garbstore uses restored vintages pieces and original fabrics as a base for his new modernised designs. Needless to say, he sure knows what he's doing. Instead of mass producing, Garbstore garments use original trimmings and old style zips, creating garments that are familiar to us but new. Taking inspiration from different periods of time, and both military and civilian clothing from countries all over the world, the pieces are unique, each an original re-think of the original garment. Even with experimentation Garbstore will never compromise on quality, ensuring the quality feel and fit are all seriously top notch. Thank you Garbstore.

Individually the pieces each have their own unique detailing. The current collection sees reproductions of Japanese Military clothing, inspiration from British coal mining and Army workwear. Pieces are finished with vintage zippers and recycled leather trims and familiar prints.

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