Price Match

Do you provide a price matching service?

Yes we do! (Please read the below carefully)

In order to provide you with a competitive yet fair service, we maintain our pricing standards in accordance with our suppliers at all times, as should be the case with all authentic product retailers.

Should you discover an exception to this, and find a product with another retailer at a lower price, we will be more than happy to provide you with a full price matching service as long as the circumstances fall in line with the following requirements:

- The item is available for general public sale, and is not part of any member or personal discounts.

- The item is identical to the item with us at Number Six, and is available for online purchase at both retailers.

- The item is listed with a UK registered organisation - The item is available at full price, and does not fall under any promotional discounted prices.

- The price match must be requested prior to purchase Number Six reserves the right to decline a price match should it not fall within our guidelines or push the retailing standards we aim to maintain at all times.


Should you have any further questions or wish to request a price match, please get in contact with our Customer Service team via the Contact Us page.