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Novel and waterproof bags are a part of the Rains essentials. Made to protect your everyday necessities from the rain, ensuring your belongings from rainy weather. We have thoughtfully composed all waterproof bags in our collection and catered for every detail, allowing an optimal experience. By combining functionality and the Scandinavian uncompromising approach, we seek to revolutionise the concept of rainwear. Discover the extensive selection of RAINS water-resistant bags designed to serve any lifestyle.

Rains bags are great and have a strong reputation for several reasons, making them standout choices for almost everyone! Here are Number Six's top 10 reasons people appreciate a Rains bag: Waterproof Materials: Rains bags are made from waterproof polyurethane and polyester, ensuring contents stay dry even in wet weather conditions​. Scandinavian Design: The bags feature a minimalist, sleek design that is stylish, functional, and contemporary. Durability: Built to last, these bags are crafted with durable materials and construction techniques, making them suitable for everyday use and rugged enough for travel​. Versatility: Rains offers various bag types, including backpacks, duffel bags, crossbody bags, and weekend bags, catering to different needs and occasions. Comfortable Use: Despite their sturdy build, the bags are designed for comfortable carrying, featuring straps and handles that ease the load, whether commuting or travelling​. Functional Compartments: Many bags come with thoughtful compartments and pockets that help organise items like laptops, phones, and other essentials, making them practical for daily use and travel​​. Colour Variety: Rains bags are available in various colours, allowing you to choose according to your style preferences or to match your other gear​​. One-Year Warranty: Rains offers a one-year bag warranty, giving buyers confidence in their investment and assurance against defects​​. Global Brand Recognition: As a globally recognised brand, Rains has established a reputation for quality and reliability, which resonates with customers worldwide​.

These attributes highlight why we highly regard Rains bags. They seamlessly blend style, functionality, and durability. Yes, I know that's only 9! SORRY


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