Big tea drinker? Love your coffee and sweeties? Worried about your chops yellowing thanks to these delicious treats? Well, fear no more. Continue on with your daily doses of each thanks to the Italian, super deluxe toothpaste brand, Marvis. Using this daily will help keep your fangs clean and white. Marvis-Aquatic-Mint-Toothpaste-75ml-1 Established back in 1958, Marvis has been selling their super minty paste for years. Current directors of the brand admit not knowing too much about the company's early years having acquired Marvis in 1997. What they do know is that the original formula is a winner, and so, they have continued on with it to this day. As well as being known for it's unique range of flavours - you can choose from jasmin mint to liquorice mint - the brand has very, aesthetically pleasing packaging that will immediately style up anyone's bathroom. Yes, people buy the paste just for the tube and box! But, be sure to know, this toothpaste definitely works, and if you're not a fan of perhaps the more interesting flavours - cinnamon mint is another - then you can choose from three different classic mints. So, give your teeth a treat with Marvis! Check the range here.


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