When it comes to iconic trainers, the best ones are the ones that defy their age. True design classics don't date and the Reebok Classic Workout certainly falls into that category. In 2012 we all celebrated the 25 year anniversary of the Workout, but why stop there I hear you shout! Well, you better bless your cotton socks, because we've just gone and got some more in to keep them company! Reebok Workout Plus White  Trainers Ever since the Workout exploded upon release as a casual runner during the late 80's Reebok has never looked back. They then became synonymous with raving in the 90's, with Mike Skinner even claiming he had a different pair for every day of the week! We've all grown up with the Workout, and the real classics are the ones that can update with the times and reinvent themselves. Reebok's latest take on this staple certainly does that, and we are delighted to be bringing them to you at Number Six! Reebok Workout Plus It was the evolved dual strap concept which made it functional as well as visually striking - nothing like it had been seen before. While the collapsible traction for cushioning, the pivot area and the built-in arch support all functioned perfectly. There was - and still is - a shoe that could function across a multitude of activities, and this saw it fit into casualwear with consummate ease. Not to mention the plain white or black colourways, which Reebok say gave the individual a blank canvas to project a personality.

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