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It's starting to get to that time of year, the weather is swaying  and spring has mostly sprung. For us we are starting to think about enjoying ourselves a little bit. We can't wait to get outside and enjoy some of the great outdoors come rain or shine. We are city dwellers here at Number Six that's not to say we don't enjoy our fair share of Mother Nature. London being one of the greenest cities in the world in respect of it's commons, parks and public gardens means there is a lot to do that's not including the world outside of our fine city. That is why we thought we'd keep our hopes up for a hot summer and offer up our favourite spots to catch some greenery and a bit of fresh air. By now we are sure you've got the gist of how this works so we shall get on with the...

Number Six Says Guide To The Great Outdoors:


Destination:  "I'm a frequent visitor of the Chelsea Physic Garden. It's a great botanical garden tucked away just off of the Thames in Chelsea. Somewhat of a hidden gem" Why:  " On a weekday it's very quiet and a great spot to catch some peace and quiet and enjoy some plants whilst still in a London setting. It's also got a couple of interesting greenhouses for those who enjoy some tropics." What do you take along: "Haha it varies from a packed lunch to a camera (I'm an old soul) anything I can fit in my filson. but mostly I like to take a pencil and paper and do a bit of drawing, keep the creative juices flowing and all that"   [caption id="attachment_6352" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Chelsea Physic Garden Damn! Its the Chelsea Physic Garden![/caption]


Destination: "I love going back home to the Isle Of Wight. Its one of those mystical places that you can live in your entire life and still get completely lost. Being involved in scouting from a young age gave me all the survival skills I need to sustain myself in the wild. The Isle Of Wight is great for testing my skills and become feral for a few days." Why: "The English countryside is great. i just love getting stuck in and exploring." What do you take along: "I like to take as little as possible! Maybe a torch? I don't know!" I'm a real Stig of the dump type dude."   [caption id="attachment_6353" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Josh's Fire Josh apparently made this fire with his bare hands...[/caption]   Right now you have the inside knowledge on the Great Outdoors, we're going to give you a little nudge with a low down on some of the kit. Teva Original Universal (Marled Blue): Coming from the iconic sandal brand the Teva Universal sandal is the go to choice for the intrepid explorer of highstreets or hills. Universal Works Labour Jacket (Navy): Universal Works being the modern masters of workwear, it only seemed natural to mention them when getting down and dirty in the great outdoors. The Labour Jacket is a great light weight option to keep the chill off. Sandqvist Hans Bag (Green): Styled on the old school hiking bags of yesteryear the Hans bag is a comfortable, stylish and a perfect blend with the greenery of the outside. [caption id="attachment_6354" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Our Legacy Splash Jumbo Short Sleeve Shirt (Hibiscus Camo) Our Legacy Splash Jumbo Short Sleeve Shirt (Hibiscus Camo)[/caption] Our personal favourite is the Our Legacy Splash Jumbo Short Sleeve Shirt (Hibiscus Camo). Well we couldn't talk about going wild without a mention of that age old classic camo. But why stay green? This pink oversized camo number from Our Legacy will help you blend into the concrete jungle that is London. There you have it our officially unofficial guide to the great outdoors! Remember a good scout is always prepared. Over and out for now...    

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