Some very nice garments in from our friends across the Atlantic in the form of Dickies remarkably priced and exceptional quality workwear as well as the deservedly named Perfecto Brand by Schott. This gear has all been produced in the good old US of A and designed by our good Mancunian friend Greg Chapman. He knows his onions does Greg and that is quite apparent from the quality and details on these fine jackets. We also have a long term favourite (we know we shouldn't have favourites but it is difficult) from Gothenburg, Sweden in the form of Velour's latest Spring collection. Fantastic knitwear, tees and shirts as ever but then a particularly outstanding waxed jacket which coming in at under £200 has to be the bargain of the season so far. We got to be getting on with things so excuse us for being brief but keep your eyes and ears open as there is more good stuff to bring to you later this week. Until then See you soon All at


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