Hands up if you like an exclusive, less ordinary, something that no one else has, a garment that you are not going to bump into half a dozen people wearing something similar down the local. Yes, we do too, and that is why we have been scouring the globe to bring you just that....some hard to find brands available in this country for the first time here at your old faithful, Number Six. First up LA Panoplie heard of it? If you have, you're already part of a very exclusive club and you may not even know it yet. Still reading? Welcome to the club. Using the finest Japanes fabrics La Panopliehave added their very own, rather special take on every self repsecting fellows favourite piece of clothing, the jacket. With attention to detail and that certain "Je Ne Sais Quoi" that only the French can bring to pretty much everything, La Panoplie bring you a selection of possibly the finest jackets that we have seen from anyone this season. In only their second season, they are punching way above their weight and giving some of the most well respected and established outerwear brands in the business a proper run for their money. We rate them rather highly. Next, we go to a land down under where Sydney-based designers Felix Chan, Huw Bennett and Arran Russell are the masterminds behind Vanishing Elephant. Committed in their joint vision since 2008, their aim was to produce a line of purposeful, high quality, original clothing. Vanishing Elephant is exactly that. Reason we like this gear so much???......it is well and truly what we can only describe as doing a different job to the plethora of mens clobber out there that seem to get by simply churning out similar versions of eachother collections. Time for folk to raise their game......we are getting tired of every other bloke we pass round these parts dressing like they are off on a hunting trip or a hiking expedition. No joke. Finally, and what with the currant bun starting to poke his jolly old head out head out from behind the clouds, we thought it would be nice to bring you a little slice of Americana in the shape of Original Retro Brand....all the way from the USA (told you we have been scouring the the globe didn't we). Original Retro Brand logos are classically based around classic sports teams, slogans and players – from hockey to baseball to American Football. Great quality tee shirt as well.....now all we need is tad more warm weather and we are laughing. All done for the moment. Keep your eyes and ears open for some beauty bits and bobs from Sanders and another rather fetching brand from across the English Channel, Six Pack. We will be in touch later this week....until then Au revoir All at NumberSixLondon.com


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