C6 Hypercolour iPhone 6 Case C6 specialise in creating intuitively designed accessories for contemporary digital accessories. C6 was born out of the concept of carbon 6; the building block of life and the backbone of evolution; making everything in life during the digital age a possibility. With evolution at the forefront of design; C6 make it their mission to evolve with the digital age by providing a range of accessories that are functional and beautifully formed with a long-lasting durable construction. AS well as specialising in practical products with a clean aesthetic, C6 support a large range of environmental and social projects globally, donating a percentage of every item sold; so you can be safe in the knowledge that each C6 purchase supports an ethical cause. Our latest drop of C6 products includes a range of well-informed, slim-line backpacks and shoulder-bags that house a range of laptop sizes and digital products, alongside beautifully finished iPhone 6 cases. Our personal favourite from the recent C6 delivery is the C6 Hypercolour iPhone 6 Case available in a whole host of hues. The Hypercolour iPhone 6 Case is constructed from a hard rubberised material that loyally follows the contours of the iPhone 6 design, reacting to heat when in use to create an interestingly unique colour gradient throughout the case.

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