All the staff here at Number Six are big fans of Museum, so when the coats arrived in store we lost it. It seems each jacket has something about it that is beautiful in its simplicity, construction and specifications. It seems the folks at Museum have found a way to create coats that do exactly what you need, to be kept warm and dry no matter what. As a bonus theirs minimal branding, no unnecessary pockets and no useless frilly bits. We currently have two Museum coats, the 'Surplus Parka' what is museums 'Intermediate Zone' coat ideal for urban environments. Second is the 'New Seattle' coat what counts as their high level 'Heavy Zone' coat. This coat is highly insulated which means it can keep you warm in any weather conditions even in arctic temperatures. Now, I havent even told you about the specs of the jackets themselves. You really do get a lot of bang for your buck! Water repellant, completely breathable and packed full of duck feathers! Thats right, No cotton wool here. The french Mulard feather down is made to have a fluffy consistency which fills and expands creating a barrier between you and the cold. The feathers are a poor conductor of heat so don't allow temperatures to pass through. If you aren't planning a trip to the Arctic or going on a wild frosty adventure it doesn't matter. Museum coats can be worn anywhere and adapt to the conditions. Even if you want to potter around London in December or visit relatives in the country over christmas Museum is more then up to the task. Click here to check them out.

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