To kick off this week's update we've several outerwear options from outdoors specialists Ma.Strum. The brand, a partnership between Donrad Duncan and the Massimo Osti Studio, are renowned for their embrace of high tech fabrics and innovative construction. Heavy hitters in the outerwear arena, Ma.Strum provide highly durable and wholly practical attire, perfect to withstand the elements in the UK and beyond. We've the NC-1 jacket, Harrier Deck Jacket, Harrier Field jacket and their Defence Parka to choose from, each boasting more than a handful of exciting accents and useful features. These garments are certainly built to last and with such complex detailing, we recommend you head over to the Ma.Strum page to learn about each exquisite piece.


This week also marks the return of British brand Utile exclusively online and in the store, with the Chipperfield blazer, Sion raincoat and several tote bags. The brand are all about quality and simplicity, with designs inspired by classic workwear, adapted for the modern wardrobe. Oh, and it also happens be one of our good friends that is behind it. All good then.


Lastly, we've an adidas classic, the Gazelle in stock in cool grey, a classic piece of footwear that would be welcomed in anyone's collection.


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