Anyone who visits us regularly, or keeps an eye on our Instagram will know we are partial to a hot beverage at Number Six. So you can imagine the excitement once a year when our temporary Coffee drinking neighbours move into the Old Truman Brewery. Once a year we are graced with the pungent aromas of the worlds finest coffees. The London Coffee festival aims to provide a platform to the ever growing Coffee buzz in the city. Given the London Coffee festival having gotten us stirred up and the fact we all think we know best, we thought we'd give you our thoughts and witticisms surrounding the world of Caffeine. So without further ado here are our musings.


The Usual: "I don't like Coffee. Just give me a hot chocolate. Extra hot though!!!" Favourite Spot: "Hot chocolate is a hard thing to get right, consistency and ratio both play a part. Having said that, I drink about five hot chocolates a day from Rough Trade East because they know how I like it" With My Hot Chocolate I like: "A chick flick (The Notebook) curled up on the sofa" josh


The Usual: "A Flat White, you can't go wrong! Not too milky, a slight bitterness and a good pick me up" Favourite Spot: "MUD is a new place in Tooting, they do great coffee and really good food, I'd definitely recommend it, one of Tooting's many hidden treasures." With My Coffee I Like: "I like to get out and about and explore, so a nice stroll with a take away coffee is always a good shout as far as I'm concerned" joe


The Usual: "I like a Latte, you get a bigger cup and more milk" Favourite Spot: "I normally pop into Nude Coffee round the corner from the shop on the way in to work. It's got nice vibes and is normally quiet in the mornings" With My Coffee I Like: "Peace & quiet! I like a moment to just enjoy my drink and stop everything else, it's a great way to start the day" There you have it! The Number Six unofficial guide to Coffee. Enjoy the inside scoop from those who think they know best. matt      


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