The Levi's Commuter Series has put itself in the mix as one of the most innovative collections in menswear. The young branch of Levi's focusses on bringing together its traditional clothing with modern ideas. The mix of Levi's timeless design and smart detailing has caused the Levi's Commuter Series to gain high praise.     When technology is becoming more and more a part of how we dress it is examples like Levis 511 CM 5 Pocket Trouser that are really grabbing our imagination. The Levi's commuter version of this their slim fit model has clever little differences which really set them apart. These clever features take the form of a D-Lock holder built into the waistband and 3M reflective seams to improve visibility. As well as these features all of the Levi's Commuter range is fully waterproof while also being fully breathable. All of this makes them the perfect clothes for the city dweller wanting to stay active and look good doing it.

Selected items of Levi's Commuter Range are available online here!


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