Just popped in to say hello is an old haunt of ours. To relaunch this part of the blog we thought we'd start with a little introduction to the team here at Number Six. We've come up with a couple of quick fire questions that hopefully really get to the core of some of our most valued customers as well as the many designers, brand representatives and creative people we meet on a day to day basis in store. Without further or do we start with Jan. Having been with us a while now Jan is in charge of all things world wide web. It's Jan you can thank for our Instagram and slick website. Being the proud owner of a suspiciously large yet surprisingly varied collection of grey crewneck sweatshirts, we couldn't wait to probe a bit deeper into Jan's wardrobe. Jan

The answers...

What do you do? Jan: E-Commerce guy at Number Six Your house is on fire what do you save? Jan: My Laptop & Mum's Lasagna What are you wearing today? Jan:  A USN Watch Cap , J Crew Expedition Jacket, Beams + Crew Neck (Grey), Warehouse Jeans, Uniqlo Heat tech Socks, Converse 70s Hi Black. What is your repeat shopping purchase? Jan: Uniqlo Boxers and anything Heat Tech, although I'm not sure they do it any more. What is your best Sale buy ever? Jan: RRL Officer Chinos from £180 to £65. Tell us the one that got away (clothing of course)? Jan: I missed out on the AW12 Neighbourhood A2D/C-JKT now I have a vintage A2 Deck jacket but it's  not in the best condition it's got oil all up the sleeve. Not quite as good. Give us an outfit from the Number Six Rails? Jan's Outfit Grid AW16 Carhartt Detroit Jacket (Navy Black Rinsed) Armor Lux Heritage Knit (Rich Navy & Nature) Universal Works Fatigue Pant (Military Olive) Levi's Sunset Pocket Shirt (Korarima) Converse CTAS '70 Canvas Ox (Black) Winter Session Snap Wallet (Black) Timex T2P526 Originals Oversized Watch (Brown)

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