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INVENTORY First up this week, the long awaited return of Inventory Magazine - a favourite read here at Number Six. From issue to issue, Inventory have consistently developed their unique tone, providing insightful, multi-faceted commentary on some of the most sought after attire in recent years. The magazine continues to confidently jostle for position alongside many of the big names out there today, supported by their unwavering integrity and ability to spark discussion around some of the lesser publicised aspects of garment production. They frequently unearth unsung heroes buried amongst the mirco-climates that envelope often unsung creative pockets of the world, opening windows into spaces we'd likely never see. With the success of prior installments triumphantly paving the way, Issue 4 proudly documents visits to Tokyo, Derbyshire, Pennsylvania, Milan, Orlando and New Mexico, with features covering Yuketen's Yuki Matsuda,Woolrich Woolen Mills, Makr Carry Goods, Rolex and John Smedley. In addition to those features the Inventory team talk with musician Bill Callahan and take a look at Deluxe and the SS11 Supreme collection.

Inventory Issue 04 Production Video: MARK MCNAIRY x BASS WEEJUN Next, we're proud to share our UK exclusive stock of the latest collaborative effort from Mark McNairy and Maine shoemakers Bass Weejun.

Man-of-the-moment McNairy has cast his gaze and creative flair upon two styles for Weejun, the Bert and Joe, both perfect for a summer wardrobe. The former is a stunning slip-on in luxurious tan leather,which incorporates a 360 degree lacing system furnished with classy tassel tips, all set on a chocolate rubber sole. The Joe on the other hand, is put together in a rich burgundy leather mounted upon a striking white contrast sole, featuring top-cap white stitching and white 360 degree laces that weave in and out of subtle silver eyelets. Both represent great smart options for the warmer weather; a delightful duo. RALPH LAUREN As promised last week, we've also got a fresh drop from the good folks at Ralph Lauren - a trio of short sleeved shirts all set for summer. In comes the blue and white Harbor Gingham, the red/blue Bleeding Madras shirt and the extrovert's shirt of choice, the Niagra Camp.The first two are in little need of introduction but we thought it best to share a little info on the third - the Niagra Camp features a bold floral print, reminding us of Paisley at a quick glance, applied to a cotton base with a clever sun-kissed fade through the fabric, giving it an authentic bleached look, perfect for a jaunt along a sandy beach teamed with your favourite shorts. SANDQVIST Swedish accessory brand Sandqvist, known for their minimal, typically Scandinavian aesthetic, make a welcome reappearance in the store as we take on a selection of their rucksacks and washbags. All are made from robust cotton canvas and sport fine vegetable tanned leather accents, a combination set to meet the trials of everyday use.

We've the simple but effective Stig rucksack , available in army greenred and a cool navy, all of which include subtle natural leather facings with a hearty line of rope used to secure a main compartment. There's also the Roald pack in khaki and navy - a clear relative of the Stig which features two leather tipped outer zip pockets, metal buckle fastening, again secured with a line of brilliant white rope. Lastly, the Mickel washbags - a great addition to your kit if you're headed on a trip, or just want storage for your daily essentials. The washbags come in both army green and cool navy, a great match to throw in either the Stig or Roald. SUIT More Scandinavian goods drop from our friends at Danish outfit Suit - We've the Hannibal jacket in two colourways, tan and navy, to help combat the last of the brisk spring days and a solid new pick of their summer shorts. VERAADIDAS To round off this week's edition of our newsletter, more summer-friendly shoes, this time in the form of the Seville fromVera and a vibrant purple drop from Adidas Originals. Vera's Seville is most certainly a solid option for the warmer weather, a mesh shoe with espadrille sole, a light choice for those few days our fair isle offers us some rays of sun.

The Seville is in stock in marino (navy)khaki nogal and beige. In stark contrast to the muted tones of Vera, we bring you the purple Adidas Gazelle. This suede offering is a true classic, based on the original 1968 release yet has been subject to a brilliant colour boost, a year-round treat providing you steer clear of the rain. That is us all done for now and we are off to the Golden Heart for a couple of well earned ice cold ones. Not too many mind, there is always work to be done here at Number Six so we had better keep a clear head as we have more good stuff to get onto these pages by this time next week. Enjoy the weekend and we will be in touch soon. From the good fellows

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