Established in 2009 as an online platform and biannual publication Inventory Magazine seeks to explore the aesthetic and cultural interests of its founders, a passion we share here at Number Six. Its brought to fruition by offering a unique and global perspective on various aspects such as design, craftsmanship and culture and pay attention to the brands, designers and artists. Their work often shadowing their passion for quality and innovation. Inventory magazine has a reputation of working with both established and emerging individuals from the fields of photography, styling and writers who help put the stories together. Photography plays a vital part in the magazine with its evident use of beautiful imagery. Number Six London currently stocks Inventory Magazine’s issue’s six and eight, both from Spring/Summer 2012 and 2013 respectively. It goes without saying that the appeal of the magazines goes well beyond the current publications and is often popular with collectors. We couldn’t think of a better candidate to adorn a coffee table at home or at the office. The eight issue features articles on Nepenthes’ Kizo Shimuzu, Cone Denim Mills and fashion photographer Mark Borthwick. Where as issue six brings our attention to Tory Leather, Batten Sportswear and Vivisim amongst others.

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