Number Six is proud to introduce the next step in the evolution of Barbour and Casual Clothing: Barbour Dept. B As Barbour To Ki To delved the timeless British staple into the depths of contemporary Japanese aesthetics, thus helping Barbour evolve its own ideas, Barbour Dept. B is the next step in that evolution. Barbour Dept. (B) Sky Blue Spindel Shirt Department B was originally an area in Barbour's South Shields factory dedicated to customisation and alterations. It was about the customer: an individual wanting to put their own stamp on the timeless aesthetics that we all recognise as Barbour. Extra pockets, reinforcements, colour details and more were tailored to make these original pieces. Barbour Dept. B focuses on these details and draws from Barbour's own evolution as a global brand to produce an intricately tailored contemporary range that breaks the mould. It may sound like the forgotten, old and dusty room at the back of Barbour's factory!… But Department B was borne out of a tight-knit, specialised group of designers and engineers who share a love for Casual Clothing. The kind of ingenuity and foresight into Casual Clothing that Barbour Dept. B demonstrates is what Number Six is all about. We are delighted (and as excited as you are!) to bring this brand to you now.


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