Things have been pretty manic around these parts and we needed to hire some additional manpower what with the recent Christmas rush to make sure that all of the orders placed are arriving as fast as possible. On top of that, we have decided to immerse ourselves properly into the spirit of things and want to give all of our loyal customers free UK delivery right up until Xmas eve. Are we becoming a little giddy and light headed, becoming slightly swept up in the festivities during this time of giving?? Maybe it is a combination of all the flashing lights, mince pies and too many port and brandies (try them, they are like Christmas day in a glass) doing the rounds in Number Six HQ since the start of December?? Whatever has occurred, it means that even the good Saint Nicholas is going to struggle to come up with anything that is quite as generous and tempting as what the friendly fellows from your favourite mens cyber retailer has got to offer. All we can say is that you lot must have been extremely well behaved this last year.

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