Finding a hat that both fits and suits you can be a tricky one. So let us introduce you to a whole BRAND who are probably your best bet in finding 'the one'.

Fairends Caps are different in the best way possible: ingeniously straightforward.

In 2011 Ben and Martin founded a new wave of design ideas centering around minimalism: simplicity through and through. The company is based in Manhattan where the two friends were first introduced as part of a collaboration project. From the success of this project, it was clear there was design magic in the making. They made the most of the magic and now we're being presented with some of the best-designed caps about. Fairends Caps FairEnds caps embody the concept of effortlessness, with no logos, and no frills. It's because of this mentality that we chose to have them here at Number Six. We're always looking for key pieces you can wear with almost anything, not to mention the general good design they've got going on.

 Their composition is just as good as the aesthetic.

Following recent expansion, Fairends can now be found all over the world but are still made in California. They're made of 100% cotton canvas which gives them a great casual vibe. But if you're looking for something a little more special, try the Waxed Canvas version. Fairends Caps When it comes down to it, no matter how much we love hats, we don't always want to be wearing one in favour of something (brands, sports teams etc.). So the fact Fairends specialise in the plain and interesting is absolutely key for SS17. It's because of this that we think Fairends are deserving of as much praise as possible. Their bold decision to be not-so-bold has played into their favour more than would be expected. If it's a sign of the times, there must be beautifully simple things coming up for 2017 - and we can't wait.


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