Number Six stocks some of the finest classic menswear, heritage brands, casuals clothing, footwear and accessories you can find. The brands are diverse, each with their own history and appeal, from Barbour, Filson, Polo Ralph Lauren, Grenson, Adidas Originals, Penfield, Clarks Originals, Calabrese and many more. Following on from the success of Benedict Radcliffe’s exhibition last month, this June Number Six plays host to another great artist...
From Tuesday 15th June, Chris Bourke will be exhibiting a selection of lino prints at Number Six (6 Dray Walk, just off Brick Lane.)
Right now his work is solely printing from lino, but his portfolio shows off his tattoo designs and painting talents too. Heavily inspired by tattoos, religion, music and politics, these bold black on white graphic prints contain symbols from wildlife, to hearts and scrolls. His portraits offer more intricate shadows, used to create less cartoon-type images. Each lino piece is made by hand, as are the prints so each and every one is different.
Bourke lives in Worcester, UK, where he owns and runs the skateboard shop Spine. He has produced work for Document magazine, A Third Foot, Death Skateboards and Consolidated Skateboards in the US and has been featured in magazines such as Modart, Sidewalk and Inked as well as in the 2009 book Art by Tattooists: Beyond Flash. He has also exhibited his work in solo and group shows internationally.
If you like tattoo art but don’t want to get it etched onto your body for life, come and see if you fancy one of these on your bedroom wall instead.



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