Hope you have all had a good week so far? Here at Number Six we have sure enjoyed all this lovely weather. Lets hope it stays that way! Today we are going to talk about the importance about a belt in an outfit or the wardrobe for that matter. If you look around you on the street or on the tube you are sure to find examples of impeccably put together outfits that have been completely let down by the wrong belt! The one belt fits all mantra certainly doesn’t work in our opinion and when it comes to belts there’s no better company that knows how to manufacture quality belts like Anderson’s. This family run business was founded in Parma in 1966 and has maintained its roots till this day with the Anderson family still playing a large role in the manufacturing and management process. Every belt is hand made using the finest leathers and materials such as suede, elastic or leather either individually or combined in an array of colours. The leather is treated using a natural wax which gives it the signature Anderson’s look and finish. Only the finest European tanneries are used to source the leather making sure the quality is maintained through each product and over the decades. We have been stocking Anderson’s belts for a while now at Number Six, London and there’s not a bad word been said about them. Here’s a selection of our favorite pieces. You can shop the entire collection in-store or here.

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