'Happy Birthday dear Queee-een, happy birthday to you!' Her Majesty racks up 88 earthly rotations today with a whopping 63 years of those spent reigning supreme over Mother England. Very impressive considering she is the second longest serving monarch next to her great, great grandmother, Queen Victoria. However, next year will put them at equal, and our great Queen will surely surpass the year after that to become the longest ever. What a feat! Queen Elizabeth II has had quite a colourful time atop the throne, seeing through many decades, many changes and an awful lot of Prime Ministers. So, what keeps her young? Her unwavering faith in religion, her very often politically incorrect husband, The Duke Edinburgh, Prince Philip, and her love of horses and corgis. Here are some things you may not know about her Royal Highness. She doesn't own a passport: Nope! She sure doesn't. While the rest of us must travel around with the bloody things, the Queen does not need one as it is her who issues them in her name. So, there really isn't much point in issuing herself one, I guess. Shame she doesn't get to collect stamps though. She drove a truck in the war: Indeed she did! She begged her father, King George the VI, for the chance to chip in and do her bit for the country during World War II when need was high for all hands on deck. At the tender age of 18, Second Subaltern Elizabeth Windsor trained to become a military truck driver and a mechanic. This makes her the only female sovereign to have served in the armed forces, and the only living head of state who served in WWII. I guess they know who to call if the Royal Rolls breaks down. She was shot at: It is hard to believe that someone would want to hurt the lovely Queen. But, during the celebrations of her 55th birthday, a teenager decided he wanted to emulate the assassinations of JFK and John Lennon, and fired six blank shots at the Queen as she was riding her horse in a parade near Buckingham Palace. The teenager was quickly taken down by police whilst the Queen gently calmed her horse and carried on with the parade. What a woman! Here's to many more years making poor Prince Charles wait for glory. queen


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