Number Six Selects: World TV Day

This week, in honour of World Television Day, some of the team at Number Six have put together our top recommendations to watch. Whether they’re old or new, this list has got our absolute go-to names on. From some real-life grit to the driest sarcasm going, here’s what’s been keeping us entertained lately.


Being a huge fan of all David Simon and George Pelecanos creations on HBO, such as ‘The Wire’ and ‘Trene’, ‘The Deuce’ has been my latest fix. It is a show that explores New York's sex trade in the 1970’s through real-life stories without glamorizing the subject. Think ‘Taxi Driver’’ meets ‘Sopranos’ and you’re there!


Curb Your Enthusiasm’ is a show that follows the day to day happenings of Larry David & his mates. It’s largely improvised, set in LA and there’s some cracking dress sense in it. He wears chunky dad shoes, a dad hat, and baggy clothes, but he’s definitely got more money than sense. I often relate to Larry. He also drives a Prius. Cameos include: Ben Stiller, David Schwimmer, Martin Scorsese, Ricky Gervais, and even Hugh Hefner.


If you’ve not seen it already, ‘Peep Show’ is the ultimate in classic British TV. It’s filmed in from a Point of View perspective, which takes some getting used to, but 100% adds to the comedy factor. It’s scarily spot-on, narrating those weird inner thoughts you’d never let on to anyone. The whole thing is on Netflix too. Bonus.


Band of Brothers’. Plain and simple: it’s good. It’s got an all-star cast that makes sure you keep watching, and it’s set as an American war drama series. It’s got a bit of grit, decent storylines and it’s based on real people. If you’re interested in that, they interview the people who each episode is based on, which I’ve never seen before.

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