Why Teva Are The Unparalleled Footwear Underdogs

Sometimes all you need to be on top of your game is to keep doing things the way you've always done them. That's the Teva way, at least.

When? 1984.

Who? A Grand Canyon river guide.

Why? To help overcome fear.

"effortless. Plain sailing. All in a day's work"

Constructed from nothing more than a Velcro watch strap and a flip-flop, the Original Teva we see today has barely changed at all. It's what makes them fit into the Number Six family so well. We're big supporters of top-quality design, and the Teva sandal is so simplistic, you can't fault it. Featuring a Universal Strapping System, it means they easily can be adjusted to your specific measurements. Effortless. Plain-sailing. All in a day's work for the team at Teva.

In recent times, these guys have gained a bit of a cult following. Mainly in the last 4 years, they've been involved in Coachella, and various collaborations with larger brands. While we've always been interested in their style, it's moves like this which have helped put them on the map all over the world. What makes it even better, is they've kept on with the original design and construction. Not half bad.

"the closest you can get to buying an adventurous spirit"

If you're a bit more into design technology, we reckon their use of 'Durabrasion Technology' might just impress. This means that the rubber used allows for a more balanced performance (as well as lasting longer), without faltering. From everyday use, to bigger adventures, Teva sandals are designed to keep it together.

The decision to restock Teva for SS17 was a no-brainer. We're not exactly sure why, but something about their origins makes us want to join that lifestyle. We wouldn't ever leave our beloved London, but for an adventure, we wouldn't say no to joining the Teva way of life. These sandals are the closest you can get to buying an adventurous spirit. As well as this, with a great range of colourways, you're bound to find at least one pair to suit your summer vibes.

Speaking of being summer-ready, here's what white-trouser-sporting staff member Matt had to say:

"The design and construction is almost too good for a sandal. Sometimes sandals can be neglected, but you can't escape the good quality from Teva."


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