Portuguese Flannel in Number Six Window

For those of you who didn’t know, “Seersucker Thursdays” used to be a thing. In 1996 an American Senator created the day, for fellow congresspeople alike to wear Seersucker suits and dress pants each Summers' Thursday. Seersucker has an extensive history, becomingly hugely popular initially among the warm British Colonies like British India, to then reaching the US and being adopted by the South in their hot summers.

The lightweight fabric is formed when the fabric bunches together, creating the puckered effect, and so it doesn’t actually sit directly against the skin, which means it's super breathable and keeps you cool. And it doesn't stop there, one of the best advantages is that because of the texture, it doesn’t need to be ironed. Yes, it really is smart.

Seersucker Portuguese Flannel at Number Six

The team behind Portuguese Flannel really know a thing or two about premium fabric choices. Seersucker can be seen in each of their Atlantico Shirts, which have all been garment dyed to bring you a variety of seasonal colourways. Portuguese Flannel, founded by brothers António and Manuel Magalhães are the 4th generation of their families Portuguese fabric Manufacturing. Exclusively using locally sourced fabrics that have been traditionally manufactured, all shirts are made in Porto. Combining two heavy heritages is always a winning formula.

Let the experts show you how it's done.

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