Portugal's Finest | The Made in Portugal Series
Made in Portugal’ is becoming more relevant than just a side note on a label these days. Portugal’s manufacturing industry is producing some of the best clothing in the world, and it’s gaining both recognition and momentum by the day. There’s an obvious emphasis on sustainability and quality as standard, which makes for a seriously decent production process.

“Hard work and a good sense of humour”

We recently visited one of our best-loved brand’s factories in Porto. The Portuguese Flannel guys are doing things very right. The factory has a real homegrown atmosphere, with a team made up of old friends, fresh faces, and extended family who work together with a proper understanding. Like us lot at Number Six, the team over there value a bit of hard work and a good sense of humour. They’re continuing an age-old tradition that’s been a part of the country’s heritage for centuries. It’s real history, real people, and real clothing that’s built to stand the test of time.

“True craftsmanship… handmade by people whose grandparents were doing the same thing”

We really value any time we can look further into a brand, and seeing the Portuguese Flannel manufacturing process was key. We reckon it’s a testament to how much we believe in them, and the support it’s giving the local industry. It’s experiences and people like this that’s just one of the reasons why we keep returning to brands who manufacture in Portugal. There’s true craftsmanship going into creating clothing that’s often handmade by people whose grandparents were doing exactly the same thing.

“Keeping things local...it’s only getting better”

From native Portuguese brands like Portuguese Flannel and La Paz, to Denmark’s Le Fix, and the UK’s very own Universal Works, there’s a real case being for keeping things local and leaving it to the experts. It’s changing the way the world sees Portuguese design and production, and it’s only getting better. This week in the Number Six store, we’ve dedicated our displays to Portugal’s finest offerings from across our shelves. This ends Sunday 25th, if you’re in the area, make sure you swing by, it’s even better in person.

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