Le Fix X Universal Works present: 'Overseas Friendship'

Joining forces to bring us some friendship-defining menswear, Universal Works and Le Fix have come up with the good stuff yet again. The jacket is cut into a classic Universal Works bomber silhouette and is made from a heavyweight navy melton wool. It hits the nail on the head for an updated, traditional piece that you can wear for years to come. It’s all about us lot knowing how important a community is, and that cooperation is key.

'Mutual respect and determination’

Overseas Friendship’ does what it says on the tin, the jacket is made to strengthen the existing bridges between Denmark and the UK. Building on our long-standing friendship, it’s a celebration of the mutual respect and determination to do something decent. The detailing on the jacket is a hand drawn graphic from Le Fix designer Benny Kusk. Both the badges and the entire back design have been hand-embroidered, and it shows the two countries shaking hands.

‘Cracking influences, authentic heritage, and mind-blowing hand embroidery’

Born out of a few good mates and their vision for a lifestyle, Le Fix know how to put the work in and make sure it pays off. Universal Works give us the best in functional menswear with a good sense of humour behind it, too. The team behind the collaboration have made this a memorable one by using some cracking influences, authentic heritage, and mind-blowing hand embroidery.

‘It’s achieved legendary status’

This jacket is a limited edition: they’ve only produced 50 of them all together. 30 have come over to us in the UK, and they’re spread across a select few stores. Never ones to miss out on anything, we made sure we secured this launch. Available from Friday 8th December, this is one that’s already achieved legendary status. Make sure you’re a part of it, get involved and show the love.

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