International Pillow Fight Day 2018 | In The Area

In case we’ve not mentioned, here at Number Six we’re fans of anything off-beat and a little different. International Pillow Fight Day is now in its ninth year of bringing some good old fashioned fun our way. This year, the world-celebrated event is happening just up the road from the Number Six store in Shoreditch’s Allen Gardens. On Saturday 7th April, you’ll find some of London’s bravest out in numbers to join the pillow fight.

International Pillow Fight Day 2018 In The Area 2

As part of the ‘Urban Playground Movement’, people are creating public living rooms right across the globe to host the pillow fights. It all began when flash mobs were on the rise, defined as ‘unusual and pointless’, they’re a no-brainer for something unexpected and interesting.

International Pillow Fight Day 2018 In The Area 3

It’s the world’s best idea for a bit of fun, on a huge scale. This annual tradition takes place in cities right across the world including Amsterdam, Rio De Janeiro, and New York. The best bit is that everyone’s welcome, there’s only a couple of rules, and it’s 100% free. If you’re after something a bit different this Saturday, we’re strongly recommending International Pillow Fight Day.

While you’re about, we’re open from 11-7, and only 5 minutes walk away!

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