Everything At Once Exhibition

At Number Six we like to immerse ourselves in all the latest exhibitions and, thanks to our central London location, we seem to have an endless supply of exciting shows to visit.

Recently, we headed down to experience the new exhibition 'Everything at Once' at 180 The Strand. It's a collaboration between The Lisson Gallery and Store X The Vinyl Factory.

This exhibition brings together multidisciplinary artists from all over the world and features three site-specific works commissioned exclusively by The Vinyl Factory.

everything at once exhibition

If you're new to experiencing the space at 180 The Strand, it's always a prime example of well-considered curation and vast installations that allow you to lose all sense of scale. As you work through the gallery, you'll find innovative and intriguing pieces by artists such as Anish Kapoor, Susan Hiller and Richard Long. Once you've explored this, you'll reach the roof of the gallery, where you're met by Arthur Jafa's 'Love Is The Message, The Message Is Death'.

"The 7-minute collage probes the relationship between mainstream media and African-American identity, juxtaposing images of contemporary life in the USA, from civil rights leaders to aerial footage of the LA Riots."

You're then brought up to Ryoji Ikeda's 'Test Pattern', best known for being one of the world's greatest multi-sensory installations. Depending on which way you enter, this piece is either the first or final work showcased.

180 the strand everything at once exhibition


"Ryoji Ikeda's immersive audio-visual artwork is an unforgettable experience in which the artist converts data (from music, sound, photo and video) into monochrome binary patterns that are generated in real-time and envelop the viewer in a disorientating, highly-charged kinetic environment."

Creating such a distilled interpretation of sensory experiences is at the heart of the entire exhibition. It's remarkable, breathtaking, and immersive. The team here at Number Six are fans, and we believe you should be too.

excerpt from everything at once



You can visit 'Everything At Once' until the 10th December at: 

180 Strand, London WC2R 1EA

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